2014 Meditation Retreat Schedule

May 16 - 18 Dolores, Colorado
House/Farm Retreat

A residential retreat on a remote and quiet farm with wild space in which to wander, and opportunities to practice outdoors. This is an inexpensive retreat with camping or floor space accommodations. Delicious vegetarian meals provided. Retreat begins Friday evening at 7 pm, and ends mid-afternoon on Sunday.
Cost: $100
Contact: Lisa (970) 570-7936 or LISAA
Online registration
Sunset from retreat site

June 14 - 27 & June 14 - 21, 2014    Lost Coast, CA
Lost Coast Meditation Retreat

Teachers: Ayya Anandabodhi and Susie Harrington
A residential retreat at a remote oceanside house on the spectacular Lost Coast of northern California. Participants will hike in 9 miles along the seashore, and will need to carry some of their personal gear. Camping and inside accommodations are available. This year the retreat has the option of the first week, or both weeks. Please see this retreat's page for more info.
Looking down the break above the beach.

July 27, 2014     Spirit Rock, California

The Breath of Life – A Day of Practice in Nature
with Susie Harrington & Ayya Anandabodhī
Immersed for the day in the rolling hills and meadows of Spirit Rock, and in the quiet of our meditation practice, we will investigate our interconnectedness with all of nature. Softening into the sky, the breezes, the rustle of plants, we may feel the invitation to drop the isolating illusion of self identification. We will spend our day together orienting toward the flow of experience, our interdependence, and the the possibility of ease and freedom inherent in seeing things as they truly are.
For more info please see the Spirit Rock website.

Aug. 7–10, 2014     
Dharma in Daily Life

Final retreat for DIDL2. Closed retreat for participants in 2 year program.
for next program start see DIDL page.

Aug. 14-17, 2014     
Logan, Utah

Low cost. Residential retreat sponsored by the Cache Valley Sangha. Registration open May 30th. For more information contact Dan.judd(at)usu.edu, or KEELIN

Oct. 31-Nov. 2 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Everyday Contentment: Embracing What Is

Susie Harrington
We tend to look forward with expectation, putting great effort in creating the happiness we think will arrive. The every day practice is to see clearly our habits of mind, shift our focus, and practice with the conditions as they are here and now; in so doing, we can find that the freedom and contentment we have always wanted is already here, patiently waiting for us to arrive.
For more information: www.saskatooninsight.com

Nov 20 - 24 at Cloud Mountain, WA
Metta for Women

Adrianne Ross & Susie Harrington

Dec. 5–7, 2014     
Dharma in Daily Life

First retreat for DIDIL3. Closed retreat for participants in 2 year program.
for next program start see DIDL page.

February 21- March 5, 2015      
Sacred Bhutan
A Walking and Meditation journey

Teacher: Susie Harrington
Laura Tyson
This trip is a rare opportunity to travel behind the scenes in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, a country steeped in centuries of Buddhist life and practice. Monastic life is active and strong in Bhutan, and we will practice in many monasteries, listen to the chanting monks and nuns, and meet with local Rinpoches who guide monastic life. On most days we will walk – visiting remote temples, exploring villages, or hiking from town to town. We will support our journey and enrich our experience through meditation practice and personal reflection.
Glowing light in the aspens